How To Tag For Trypophobia

Trypophobia is often described as a “fear of holes”, which isn’t entirely accurate. Individual holes don’t trigger trypophobia- clusters of them do. Pockmarked surfaces are another trigger. Like most phobias and triggers, images are more upsetting than text. 

Common Trypophobia Triggers:

  • Close-up, detailed pictures of strawberries
  • Close-up, detailed pictures of sunflowers
  • Swiss cheese
  • Lampreys
  • Pores
  • Patterns formed by beads of water

What Tags To Use:

A lot of people use #trypophobia and leave it at that. This works, but it also prevents people with trypophobia from using the tag for discussion. A solution would be to put another word after #trypophobia, so people who have the tag blocked don’t have to see it, and people browsing the #trypophobia tag don’t either. #trypophobia warning works fine, but any second word is acceptable. As long as you have #trypophobia and a space between it and the next word, it will work for those who have #trypophobia Tumblr Saviored.

Other tags people use include #tw: trypophobia and #tw trypophobia. In tagging with these, remember to be consistent. Don’t alternate between #tw: trypophobia and #tw:trypophobia. These are separate tags and are treated as such by Tumblr Savior.  One space less is all it can take to trigger someone.

Another tag is #clusters.

Links to Images that Can Trigger Trypophobia:

Warning: Don’t click these links if you have trypophobia. You can scroll past this without fear of seeing anything, though- there are no pictures in this post.

A Lotus Seedpod


A fungus

A tree damaged by a woodpecker

Swiss cheese



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